15 industrial technologies that shined this year

15 industrial technologies that shined this year

Samsung Electronics’ next-generation 10-nano-class DRAM technology, which has replaced the generation of 10-nano semiconductors, Hyundai Motor’s Nexo, an eco-friendly hydrogen car that emits only water, and LG Display’s ultra-high-resolution 8K organic light-emitting diode (OLED) that realizes the world’s highest quality display 15 technologies were selected as the ‘2018 Industrial Technology Performance 15’ that led the Korean industry this year.


Industrial technology achievements are the representative technologies of the year selected and announced annually by the Korean Academy of Engineering, which consists of 1,100 engineering scholars and industry leaders. In order to inform the public of the importance of industrial technology and to share the latest technology, the report has been selected since 2006 and has been published.


This year, there were many great achievements in automobiles, semiconductors, displays, shipbuilding, construction, and biotechnology, which are considered to be Korea’s main industries. The complete re-liquefaction process technology for boil-off gas for liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers developed by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering received high praise for its pure in-house technology, which improved domestic LNG ship technology and laid the foundation for the revival of the shipbuilding industry. Seoul Semiconductor developed the world’s first bright light emitting diode (LED) that can emit light similar to sunlight. Hyundai E&C announced Korea’s technological prowess to the world by constructing the ‘Bosphorus 3rd Bridge’ in Istanbul, Turkey, which was suspended using steel wires and the world’s tallest pillars with a height of 322m. Chong Kun Dang received good reviews for Telminuvo, a new high blood pressure treatment with improved safety.


Although unfamiliar to the general consumer, the technology of companies that led innovation in materials, parts and processes also drew attention. Representative examples include LG Chem’s display coating film manufacturing technology and POSCO’s AI-based hot-dip galvanized steel sheet coating weight control technology. Hyosung, which succeeded in manufacturing polyester that dyes well with its own technology and equipment, and Yoochang’s technology, which introduced an eco-friendly method to a modular structure system that builds houses like building blocks, were also selected.


In addition, Yeomyeong Tech’s ultra-water-saving toilet, LG Electronics’ low-compression scroll compressor design technology for air conditioners, LG Chem’s polymer microstructure reverse engineering technology, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) manufacturing method for automobiles are named among the 15 technologies. raised


O-Kyung Kwon, president of the Korean Academy of Engineering, said, “I expect that the 15 technologies selected this time will serve as a priming material to advance the competitiveness of the domestic industry at a time when international competition is intensifying and economic recession is feared.”

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