6 best website designs to inspire and transform

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A high-quality website works wonders for any business: it increases brand awareness, increases trust with consumers, drives conversions and helps the company achieve specific goals.

1. Better

  • An outdated background video
  • Horizontal navigation menu
  • A very simple font

Their website follows the principle of a storyline-driven conversion funnel, which is a description that is particularly suitable for their homepage. It starts with a simple value proposition and tagline (“Grow your business”), and the dog’s video background adds a bit of funny and friendly tone to the brand’s voice.

When the user scrolls, the slogan/UVP changes to new content, accompanied by a few lines of very clear font messages. The background of this section changes with social proof, past clients and investment portfolios.

The main menu navigation is on the left side of the screen. The column layout navigation contains a hamburger menu with link items “Service”, “Work”, “Team” and “Blog”. The icons for the agency’s Twitter and Instagram pages are located at the bottom.

2. Vibrant media leads cutting-edge manufacturing

  • Well-defined color palette
  • Clean industry layout
  • Swipe menu navigation

Frontier Manufacturing is a company that provides services in design and drawing, machining, manufacturing, coating and other aspects of the manufacturing industry. Their website is provided by the creative agency Vibrant Media.

This website design is definitely industrialized in aesthetics, suitable for the company’s market and niche. Grid graphics, technical equipment images, precise column/row layout and graphite gray all contribute to this appeal.

Above the fold is a carousel slider with five different images indicating the five different industries served by the company.

A sliding menu will appear on the right, and a prominent circular CTA will attract visitors to request a quote. The funnel of the homepage itself is divided into three parts: “our process”, “why choose us?” and “recommendation letter”.

3. Dynamic wave consulting designed by Artisan

  • Vibrant image above the fold
  • Economic use of white space
  • Heavy use of CTA

Dynamic Wave Consulting is a digital agency specializing in design, consulting, and media planning to drive digital growth of its clients.

Their website was developed and designed by Design With Artisan, and when opened is a colorful and vibrant picture of a surfer as a game of the company’s name. The white modern sans serif font contrasts sharply with the bright colors, and the blue CTA button takes the visitor to the free consultation page.

Once the user starts scrolling, the color image is replaced by a lot of blank space and very user-centric messaging and overall user experience.

Blue and orange splashes escaped from the white space. The agency’s UVP and service blocks are accompanied by a prominent CTA and an in-depth paragraph focusing on the benefits of these services.

Navigation is the standard horizontal main menu at the top of the page, which disappears when the user scrolls.

4. Dimeresfontein Season 7

  • Well integrated product page
  • Complex and detailed homepage
  • Wine-related palette

Diemersfontein is a wine and country estate in South Africa that organizes wine tastings, weddings, conferences and various other types of events.

Seventh Season is a web design studio that showcases its expertise on this website. It uses a very complex and detailed design that incorporates the earthy colors associated with winemaking: green, olive, brown and burgundy.

The two-level menu contains contact information and main points of interest, as well as online purchase CTA and shopping cart icons.

The loop video of the manor country is located in the background of the first screen of the website and contains some slogans of the brand. Scroll down to find an uneven layout consisting of the history of the estate and its personnel, harvest information, flagship wines and the “Plan Your Visit” form.

When it comes to the highlights of the website, the product page of each wine is minimalist, focusing on the description of the drink and the high-resolution images of the bottle.

5. Creative Ideaz’s AL Aesthetics

  • A large number of CTA
  • How to interact with photos

AL Aesthetics is a facial beauty clinic opened by Dr. Ash Labib. The Creative Ideaz agency designed a website for his private clinic that emphasizes the doctor’s experience, expertise and the success of his former clients.

This particular website design follows the best practice of using a black and white color palette, allowing the clinic and the photos of the patient’s face to play all roles in color and brilliance. A video has been added to the homepage, demonstrating how the clinic can instill confidence in potential clients.

The content of the website covers the clinic’s treatment scope, the founder’s years of experience and strategic call-to-actions, and visitors are invited to book a free consultation.

When the user clicks on the hamburger menu icon, the main menu navigation slides in from the top. The menu and the CTA mentioned are sticky, and they are always away from the user with just one click.

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6. Darling Brew By Jumpin’ The Gun

  • Disturbance-free product page
  • Brand color
  • A playful and jovial user interface

Darling Brew is a South African craft beer, and its website is an idea from Jumpin’ the Gun creative agency in the Western Cape.

The website uses brand colors-black and yellow-and contains a variety of content: from the company’s achievement of becoming the country’s first carbon-neutral brewery to top beer selections and merchandise.

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