INTERNET UNDERSTANDING: History, Functions & Positive Negative Impacts

INTERNET UNDERSTANDING: History, Functions & Positive Negative Impacts

Understanding the Internet – In general, the internet is a collection of computers connected to each other in a global network. Each connected device can communicate with each other regardless of region or geographic restrictions.

The internet was created in 1969, although it only grew rapidly in 1993-1994 especially when the web, web browsers and other services were successfully created/discovered that allow users to exchange data, either in the form of text or documents.

The Internet is a collection of computer networks that are connected to each other using the standard TCP/IP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). which organizes data so that it can be sent and received properly.

In simple terms, the TCP/IP protocol assigns a unique and different address (address) and identity (id) to every computer around the world. And with all other processes, we can avoid sending information/data errors when connected to the internet.

In another sense, the Internet is a means that can connect devices 1 with other devices so that users can see, hear, talk to each other through supporting communication media, such as computers, smartphones and so on.

The internet is connected through a fiber-optic network that stretches and is connected throughout the world even through the seabed. Furthermore, it is through a router or BTS tower as a signal transmitter that we can connect and be connected without any restrictions to all corners of the world.

Understanding the Internet According to Experts

  • According to Harjono (2009) the internet is a collection of several computers in the world that are connected to each other. So that computers can be connected and interact with each other, we need a medium to do this. The media used can be cable or fiber optic, satellite, or telephone connections.
  • According to Oetomo (2002) the Internet is an abbreviation of international network , which is a giant computer network consisting of several small networks that are connected to each other.


    Understanding the internet is a computer network that is interconnected with other computer networks around the world through communication media and using the TCP / IP protocol.

    History of Internet Development

    The development of the internet began in 1969 where the word ” Login ” was created which is a project from the University of California. The project is about the process of sending data between two computers using binary code.

    The success of the project later became the originator of the initial internet development project under the auspices of ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network).

    Initially, this project was intended for military needs, namely to control nuclear threat attacks, improve military tactics, and manage and make decisions through computers.

    In 1986, the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) was established to replace the ARPANET to conduct further research on the internet.

    In 1990, Berners-Lee and his team from CERN created the World Wide Web, shortened to www, which is used to browse websites .
    Robert Cailliau from Belgium helped develop Berners-Lee’s findings so as to create the HTML programming language, which allows the existence of websites .

    Cailliau also created the HTTP hypertext exchange protocol , which allows users to request and receive the pages they want.

    Internet Benefits

    Technological experts continue to develop the internet because the internet has many benefits for everyday life. Here are the benefits of the internet.

    1. Benefits of the Internet in the Business World

    With the internet, business opportunities for every community are increasingly wide open. In fact, more and more online stores allow one to sell an item or service without any capital.

    All you need to do is upload photos of the products being sold which are equipped with accurate tips in the field of marketing.

    This online store also makes it easy for customers to make transactions. Now with the internet, you can get what you want to buy without having to go anywhere.

    2. Benefits of the Internet for Learning

    Science in the internet era is getting easier to access. In fact, you can learn any language you want without taking a course.

    With only a smartphone or laptop and social media, you can learn various things.

    If you want to get tutoring without having to leave the house, try signing up for an online study class.

    3. Benefits of the Internet as Entertainment

    Apparently, the internet can not only be used for business and learning, but also for entertainment.

    There are tons of sites you can visit to watch your favorite movies or videos, such as YouTube and Netflix. You can also interact with fellow internet users in various parts of the world through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    When you feel bored, you can also download online game apps. This game allows you to play while interacting with other players.

    Internet Impact

    The rapid development of the internet and its massive use certainly brings its own impact both in terms of economy, social and culture. The following are the effects of using the internet.

    1. Positive Impact of the Internet

    The internet has a variety of positive benefits including:

    • The internet is like a library without limits. All the information you want to get is available on the internet and can be accessed easily.
    • The information available is also diverse, ranging from the latest news, recipes, information about health, sports news, and much more. All these rights are in your hands.
    • In this new curriculum, students are required to be able to actively seek information related to assignments given by the teacher. The internet is very helpful for these students in completing assignments.
    • If you’re feeling bored, but can’t go to a recreation area or a shopping center, the internet can provide a wide variety of entertainment that can ward off boredom.
    • Through certain applications that can be downloaded for free, you can watch movies, listen to music, and even read novels. To get all these things, your internet connection must be stable.
    • The use of the internet, especially social media can help you to do business more effectively. In fact, you don’t have to bother renting a shop to sell your wares.
    • Simply by posting photos of the products you sell, consumers will come automatically.

    2. Negative Impact of the Internet

    In addition to the positive impact, the internet can also have a negative impact on its users. Here are the negative effects of the internet.

    • The internet, which is easily accessible by anyone with any social background, has resulted in cyber bullying.
    • Irresponsible internet users easily discredit certain parties without thinking about the consequences.
    • The Internet provides not only useful information but also negative content, such as shows showing violence and pornography. Ironically, negative things like this can be accessed by anyone, including children.
    • Hoax or fake news is easy to circulate on social networks. And, with the ” share ” button facility that allows content to be shared, this fake news is getting more widespread.
    • Do you like shopping online? You need to be careful because you can become a victim of fraud. This happens because a person’s personal data can be stolen or falsified by a hacker.
    • In addition, making transactions online makes you unable to meet directly with the seller and see the quality of the goods so that there is the potential for fraud to occur.
    • The sophistication of the internet can hypnotize anyone, so you may lose track of time and even become an antisocial. Your eyes will only be glued to the phone screen regardless of the surroundings.


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